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I’m so glad God has directed your steps here!  At iJoy Inspirations you will find hope, courage and strength through God’s Word in many ways!

Download your first iJoy Inspirations Devo.  The iJoy Devo is a devotional with original music from various artists.  Receive inspiration through the written and spoken Word of God accompanied by uplifting music!

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God gave me three simple words that have changed my life…and helped me through the death of our thirteen year-old son Christopher.   These words continue to help others gain God’s perspective, understand His purpose and hold onto His promises in their time of hardship. 

I’m blessed to share them with you, and see God transform your life!  When you are disappointed, discouraged or experience loss, I trust God will speak to your heart through my iJoy Inspirations Devo’s, video’s, mp3′s and current book  ”There’s A Party In The Pit…And You’re Invited”

Please enjoy this website with us…and visit often!  Consider yourself part of the iJoy Inspirations Family

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- Blessings, Joy