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   Learning To Live In The Light…When It’s Still So Dark!

“When faced with setbacks, failure, loss, even the death of a loved one especially a child, many Christians are left with difficult questions and a challenge to standing strong in their faith.

Take a journey with Joy and learn how to see and experience God in the midst of pain, sense His presence in the fire and come to trust Him in the lions’ den even in the face of death.

Everyone knows someone…who needs this message!

Find Purpose, Perspective and Promise…in God’s Presence!

Psalm 16:11

What Others Are Saying…

Any time life throws you a situation that puts you in the “pit” know that there is hope even when you see none. Joy Ware-Miller’s book brings hope to hurting, impossible situations. Find the strength you need to get through, even while you are still in the pit.  June


If you have suffered failure, pain, or loss in your life (and who hasn’t?) you will find comfort in Joy’s book. Joy is a master wordsmith with a beautiful, uplifting story. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, and celebrating as you Party in the Pit!  Barbara