WEEC Circle of Friends with Ryan and Caroline

Talking about Helping Hurting Hearts…and getting ready for the Book Signing!

Great Fellowship at Beacon of Hope!  Just like a wonderful Reunion…must be what Heaven will be like!


Visiting, shopping and hugging!  What a wonderful day!

We have a great community and a GREAT GOD!




“Keeping Heaven in View!”


“Growing through what we go through!”


Old and New Friendships…are from God!


  Friends from Indiana and Lewisburg, Ohio

Work, play and pray!


Purpose, Perspective & Promise!



We Remember…


 Ohio and Indiana Fun…


  Capturing great memories forever!


Wonderful Friends...

Singing and Sharing


The River Family! 


Warming Up for Heaven! 






Pray for Team Zoe! 






Faith continues…



Smiles keep us together 


Family Sticks Together…

Through Tough Times!

God is our Comfort and Strength!

Our present Help in times of Trouble!


♥Helping Hurting Hearts Heal…all around the world! ♥

 Thank you for your support!

Joy’s Books Arrive just in time for her first Book Signing of the Summer!

I spent a delightful Saturday Morning with  Wonderful ladies sharing at CBC-Single Moms Conf. 2012
Don’t forget to Dream Higher  ♥

Pastor Randy Garcia and Joy…great interview and time of fellowship with Ministry Matters Radio!

Inspiration 4 Life Round Table of Hope…

Rita, Anna, Aaron and Joy

 Girl Talk Texas Focus on Faith!

 Jackie, Deborah, June, (Cathy absent) and Joy